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1500 trees planted by stellar volunteers and partners

Over their 100-year lifetime, these trees will capture over 7,500 tons of carbon

Several dozen volunteers and field partners planted over 1,500 trees during the past month with our Evergreen Carbon Capture program. These hard-working volunteers transformed patches of invasive blackberry and ivy into clean, mulched areas and planted native trees to sequester carbon. Over their 100-year lifetime, these trees will capture over 7,500 tons of carbon.


These trees were provided by local companies and organizations as a means to mitigate their carbon emissions. Having volunteers from the participating companies come out to plant the trees was a great way to further community connections and make carbon sequestration more tangible. As Charlie Hafenbrack from GLY Construction said, “It felt good to follow behind other volunteers in the recovery process of our Seattle parks while making GLY’s contribution to Evergreen Carbon Capture Program. Our team enjoyed our volunteer effort in John C. Little Park on January 31st and we look forward to more opportunities.”

While GLY Construction was planting trees with the Green Seattle Partnership at John C. Little Park, volunteers from the Woodland Park Zoo’s Youth CAN program were busy planting trees along the Burke Gilman and 75th Street NE. Over two dozen teens came out from the Youth CAN program to kick-off their year-long internships focused on carbon and climate change.

Evergreen Carbon Capture

Other partners planting trees throughout the region included the Green Kirkland Partnership and Mason Conservation District. These trees were planted to mitigate the carbon emissions of Keeney’s Office Supplies, Bear Mountain Capital, Porters Pride, the Seattle Aquarium, Elemental Cremation and Burial, Stream Real Estate, and BECU.

We are grateful for our Evergreen Carbon Capture Members and Field Partners and to the volunteers who contributed their labor! Also, a big thank you to Green Diamond Resource Company and King County Parks for contributing the trees for planting.

Our next tree-planting event is schedule for March with King County Parks and the Seattle Aquarium. If you are interested in participating, please email Lindsay Fromme at lfromme@forterra.org.

Check out all the photos on Facebook- ECC Tree Plantings.


About Evergreen Carbon Capture Evergreen Carbon Capture provides companies, organizations and individuals the opportunity to take responsibility for their carbon footprint and get involved with local tree planting efforts. Our newest development is adding an individual level to the program – now anyone can pay the Earth back through our program! So far, we have facilitated the planting of over 11,000 trees, which are expected to sequester upwards of 54,000 tons of carbon over their lifetimes.