2016 Forterra Annual Breakfast Videos

The 2016 Forterra Annual Breakfast was held on April 27 at the Washington State Convention Center. Hear our honored guests speak about the work Forterra is doing in the Pacific Northwest.

The Forterra Annual Breakfast brought together an amazing community of diverse, talented people. Our speakers reminded us that sustainability isn’t a magical end-state that the region will someday reach. It’s a process, a constant effort to simultaneously save, reimagine and create the region we aspire to live in and to leave for future generations. Life in this special place is always in flux; today we face challenges of rapid population growth, climate change, equity and more. With your support and engagement, this place will remain a place you love–and a place that your grandchildren (and their children) will love.

Forterra board leaders Bert Gregory of Mithun and Terry Mutter of Boeing welcome attendees to the 2016 Breakfast and thank sponsors.

Jordan Rash, Forterra’s Pierce County Conservation Director, tells the story of how a beloved berry farm in the Puyallup River Valley will stay that way.

Gene Duvernoy, Forterra’s President, explains how we secure and care for the keystone lands that make our region a place of equity and sustainability.

Michelle Connor, Forterra’s Executive VP for Strategic Enterprises, discusses our purchase of the Wayne Golf Course in Bothell, and how it fits into our vision of a sustainable, equitable region.

De’Sean Quinn, Forterra board member and member of the Tukwila City Council, discusses our expanding vision for urban work and joins with Estela Ortega of El Centro de La Raza and Forterra’s Gene Duvernoy to announce a partnership focused on land for affordable housing.

Andrew Albert of Riverbend Farm thanks Forterra for helping secure Riverbend permanently as agricultural land and encourages everyone to make a gift.

Florangela Davila, Forterra’s Voices of the Region Director, unveils the newest issue of our Ampersand Magazine, and introduces fisheries scientist Gino Lucchetti, who ends the event with an operatic flourish.