About the cover

Issue IV, April 2016

Ampersand Issue 4


Spring means an extra burst of creative energy for animator and illustrator, Drew Christie.


It’s fun drawing plants, to get into their mindset. If I was a plant, how would I be growing?

Christie drew our remarkable cover after first illustrating a story about a writer’s journey to the blackened and burnt Methow Valley, where author Thor Hanson participated in a seed mob–and then took some of those seeds back to the San Juans to watch them grow on a tray in his office. Tiny seed shoots turned into an idea to illustrate this cover, which teases stories found elsewhere inside Ampersand: bees, pikas, a farm in Pierce County and the work of artist Alfredo Arregiun (that’s him, upper right). Christie was a natural fit for our magazine that embraces creativity and innovation in the Pacific Northwest. That’s creativity and innovation found in the built world as well in the natural world–sometimes, espoused by the critters themselves.

Christie is an animator and an illustrator who lives and works on Whidbey Island. He creates stories through hand-made images. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, Drawn, Cartoon Brew, Boooooooom! and Juxtapoz among other sites. He makes short films, music videos, commercials, cartoons, books, zines and relief prints. More of his work can be found here.