Lake Serene
Photo by Brian Kilpatrick

Community raises funds to save the Lake Serene Trail

Forterra can now move towards purchasing the 190-acre property with a section of the trail

A section of the beloved Lake Serene trail was scheduled to be logged in the Fall of 2017. We kicked off a fundraising effort in mid-August to protect the trail. It mobilized quickly thanks to support from an amazing community of people who love the special place—together we exceeded our goal of $275,000 to protect the trail.

A bird's-eye view of Lake Serene and Bridal Veil Falls.
Photo by: Jon Levesque

Thanks to 600+ hikers and climbers who contributed to the campaign, the trees along the trail will be protected from logging, and public access to the trail will never again be restricted. Now we can move towards purchasing the 190-acre property from the private landowner.

Because of the generous support of these donors, we can move toward preserving the trees along the beloved trail and ensure permanent public access to its breathtaking views, waterfalls and reflective alpine lake. Over 45,000 hikers of all ages and experience levels can continue to enjoy its breathtaking views each year.

Help us protect beloved places like Lake Serene Trail

The Lake Serene Trail is just the start of our work together.

It’s part of the larger Great Northern Corridor that runs from the Skykomish Valley to the Salish Sea. Help us secure a series of critical conservation deals that weave tightly together with work to reduce sprawl by focusing growth in our cities, to protect farmland and to link economic revitalization to outdoor recreation in the corridor.

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Details of the Deal

An early section of the Lake Serene Trail is privately owned (see map below). The property was scheduled to be logged, impacting the integrity of one of the region’s most highly-used and best-loved trails. Forterra stepped in to lead the effort to save this beloved trail and land, and ensure public access to one of the region’s most visited hiking trails forever. We’re working with the landowner to preserve and limit the timber harvest to less than half of the property, protecting the creek that carries water from Bridal Veil falls through the property, and preventing logging from crossing the trail—minimizing the short-term impact to users and saving the land and trail in perpetuity.

While the trail traverses a small part of the property, the landowner will only sell the entire parcel. As a means of securing the best value for every conservation dollar spent, Forterra has negotiated a plan with the current landowner in which timber harvest will occur before acquisition on a portion of the property away from the trail.

Forterra will purchase the land along with a buffer of trees along the trail corridor and stream running through the property. We have worked with the landowner to divert a new logging road away from the trail and habitat areas. Approximately 60 acres of 2nd and 3rd growth timber, away from the trail, will be harvested to reduce acquisition cost, and will be replanted with more diverse species.

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The property map and intersecting trail.