Crosscut Escapes

A weekly Crosscut podcast sponsored by Forterra exploring the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest.

Protecting shrub-steppe, WA’s most overlooked ecosystem

The big beige blur in the middle of the state may seem boring, but it is essential to the survival of grouse, orcas and people.

Past the dams, tribes help the Columbia River roll on

Few rivers define a region like the Columbia, where tribal scientists are making headway in bringing back its most important species: salmon.

Protecting orcas and their songs from noxious noise

Oceanographer Scott Veirs shows us how to listen for whales in Puget Sound, identify their signature sounds and maybe help save them.

Tracking the wildlife in Washington cities and suburbs

During the pandemic, more people are spotting animals slinking around the neighborhood.


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The assault on Olympic National Park’s square inch of silence

In 2005, Gordon Hempton made a single spot within the Hoh Rain Forest famous for its serenity. But now it’s noisier than ever.

How Mount Rainier will tell us when it’s going to blow

By listening closely, scientists can tell us when to worry — but these mountain songs are more than just warning signs.