Photo by: Danny Ngan

Empower Happy Hour

What are the most impactful personal and business choices you can make to fight climate change?

We recently posed this question to over 50 people at Empower Happy Hour—an event we co-hosted with Green Canopy Homes designed to bring people together and spark conversation about topics that matter in our community.

Lindsay Fromme Hanna, Program Manager at Forterra, suggested the importance of intelligent consumerism and the difficulty of behavior change. “The decisions we make on what to consume are critical. Buying ecofriendly products can be an easy option for some, but consuming less meat or flying less are changes that can have real impact but are often difficult sacrifices. Lifestyle changes in behavior are significantly hard.”

Krystal Meiners from Green Canopy Homes believes we ought to “inspire people to live better; it’s all about education and inspiration… we should utilize storytelling to connect with people emotionally and spiritually.” Krystal’s way of connecting her children with nature? Taking trips to the nearby mountains that surround the region.

So how do you change your lifestyle? The conversation turned towards examples of how attendees are inserting sustainable measures into their everyday choices.

Justin Hooks, VP of Construction at Green Canopy Homes shared, “I’ve been working with my parents and spending money to provide energy efficiency upgrades to their home. We installed a new system abandoning their old furnace and now their energy bill is greatly reduced. We also did some air sealing and replaced old incandescent light bulbs to LED. I’m working on my sister next.”

Andy McAndrews with Terrane Surveyors reflected on the preservation of green spaces. “As surveyors, we don’t make the decisions, but we trust the people we work with to align with our proper responsible practices.”

Marc Erickson of Resonance Realty Services mentioned, “The most important thing we do is fight for change. Looking at everything as a triple bottom line approach; people, planet and province.”

Danny Slager added, “I think we are all stewards to where we live. We will never truly own the land; we are just managing it. Think of everything as borrowed and we will return it, better than before, when we are done.”

“Joining a future focus program is important to me because it’s empowering. It gives my life purpose to serve the world,” said Dan Wiseman of Windermere. “The properties we find are built densely; the goal here is to make places more affordable. I think infill building is hugely important, when you can take a commercial zone that makes walking more reasonable.”

Attendees agreed about their responsibility to fight climate change. Jen Busch, Accounting Manager at Green Canopy Homes, summed up the conversation nicely, “It’s absolutely my responsibility to fight climate change because I am aware and I am able. Can’t say the same for so many others in the world who struggle just to stay alive.”

“Yes, it is my responsibility. It is your responsibility. It is the responsibility of for-profit and non-profit organizations alike,” said Ami Neito, Human Resources Manager at Green Canopy Homes. “We are all part of one whole.”


Thank you to Terrane Land Surveying for sponsoring the event!