Fighting Climate Change One Tree at a Time

Over 2,000 trees were planted this year as a part of Forterra's Evergreen Carbon Capture program and we have a lot of people to thank for making it happen!

Since 2010, Forterra has partnered with companies and individuals to offset carbon footprints through local tree planting projects.  This year, we were pleased to partner with 21 local companies, including: Bear Mountain Capital, BECU, Chinook Book, Elemental Cremation & Burial, Floral Image, Fremont Brewing, Futurewise, GLY, GoGreen, Grist, Keeney’s, Meyer Wells, Nordstrom, Porter’s Pride, Ridolfi, Seattle Aquarium, Space Needle, Stream Real Estate, Turner Construction, Valley Supply, and the Woodland Park Zoo.

One of the benefits of planting trees locally is that partners get to be part of the fun!  We invite our Evergreen Carbon Capture participants to plant their trees alongside our Field Partners—Green Seattle Partnership, Mason Conservation District, Snohomish Conservation District, Sound Salmon Solutions, and Stewardship Partners. Thank you to the 185 volunteers who came out in both rain and shine to restoration sites in Carnation, Lake Stevens, and Seattle.  Overall, eight restoration sites throughout the Puget Sound Region were planted with a variety of native Pacific Northwest conifer species, many of which were generously contributed by Green Diamond Resource Company.

The Evergreen Carbon Capture team is grateful for everyone involved with making the 2017 program year a success.  From the companies and individuals taking accountability for their carbon footprint to Field Partners doing diligent restoration work, this year is another shining example of leaders coming together to flight climate change by investing in our local community.

Consider offsetting your own carbon footprint with our 2018 tree plantings!  Visit our website or email EvergreenCarbon@forterra.org.