ForTERROR presents

5 ghoulish properties we've conserved

In celebration of Halloween, we name five spooky spots we have helped to protect.


Edgar Allen Poe would enjoy this haunted forest and foggy marsh, just outside of Black Diamond. Forterra protected this forest in the headwaters of Rock Creek in 2005.

Zorro Ridge

A gash in the shape of a Z identifies this mountain. As a black caped crusader protects the forest, Forterra has helped conserve thousands of acres in this rugged region of the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River over the past decade. We’re sprinting to raise funds to acquire the summit before time runs out.

Sawmill Creek

No more severed hands and feet at the old mill on this creek, since we bought this piece of ancient forest and turned it over to the city of Tacoma, as part of their Green River Watershed.

Dead Man’s Pond

Zombies have been seen rising from this ecological treasure in Puyallup on moonlit nights. Forterra has been working with Pierce County since 2010 to preserve this wetland.

Deadhorse Canyon

A headless horseman has been seen searching for his lost mount in this Southeast Seattle Park. We double dare you to volunteer here…