About the Cover

Issue II, June 2015

Ampersand brings together journalists as well artists with different perspectives and voices in order to provide food for thought and encourage conversation. We chose this photo because it made us wonder. It’s ambiguous. It also underscores the notion of time and that’s a subject that threads many of the stories in this issue.

Nearby wolf scats containing bear hair indicate this bear carcass had been fed on by wolves. North end of Ross Lake, North Cascades. Photo by David Moskowitz

Photographer David Moskowitz spent 18 months researching wolves for his book, Wolves in the Land of Salmon. While in the North Cascades, he came across some wolf tracks, then bear fur, then scat and finally, these remains of a black bear. The scat confirmed wolves had been feeding off the carcass. Did they kill it? Probably not, Moskowitz says. It’s more likely the bear (old, based on its teeth) died from natural causes. In a single image, Moskowitz takes us to a local landscape: one part playground for human recreation and another, kitchen to the wild.