Local Trees for a Global Problem

Evergreen Carbon Capture planted over 3,000 trees this year. Thank you to the local companies and people who made it happen!

Climate change poses a real threat to our region and planet. Fortunately, Puget Sound companies and individuals are stepping up to fight it. Since 2010, Evergreen Carbon Capture has partnered with environmentally-responsible groups to offset carbon emissions through local tree planting projects.

The native northwestern conifers we plant absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, effectively offsetting the emissions of program participants. Because we plant locally, the trees also bring the region a host of additional benefits, including stormwater retention, animal habitat and making this place more beautiful.

This year, over two dozen companies participated in ECC. Thanks to them, we planted a whopping 3,330 trees, which, over the next 100 years, will absorb at least 16,650 tons of CO2! (For reference, one ton of CO2 would fill the volume of a small ranch house.) Thank you also to Green Diamond Resource Co. for generously donating the trees.

A unique feature of Evergreen Carbon Capture is that partners can participate in the tree planting. We invite all companies and individuals to come out to restoration sites around the region to plant the very trees that will offset their carbon emissions. In addition to planting trees on Forterra stewarded lands, we also work with field partners—Snohomish Conservation District, Mason Conservation District, Green City Partnerships, Stewardship Partners, and DIRT Corps—to make this possible. This year, 242 volunteers joined us to plant trees!

The Evergreen Carbon Capture team is extremely grateful for everyone who made 2018 so successful, from the companies and individuals taking responsibility for their emissions to the field partners who ensure that the trees thrive. Thanks to all of you for making a local investment to address the global problem of climate change.

Offset your carbon footprint with our 2019 tree plantings! Visit our website and calculate your footprint or email EvergreenCarbon@forterra.org.

Thanks to our partners, including: Bear Mountain Capital, BECU, Chicken Switch, Chinook Book, Elemental Cremation & Burial, Flintoft’s Funeral Home and Crematory, Floral Image, Futurewise, GLY Construction, Grist, Go Green Seattle, Go Green Portland, Keeney’s, Nordstrom, Porter’s Pride, Ridolfi, Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Silver Creek Capital, Stream Real Estate, Sub Pop, Sustainable Ballard, Sustainable Business Consulting, Turner Construction, and Woodland Park Zoo.