A view of the Matlock Farm in the Puyallup River Valley with a view of Mt. Rainier
Photo by Hannah Letinich

Matlock Farm Series

The conservation of Matlock Farm is the largest farmland conservation project in Pierce County history.

Completed in February 2015, the conservation easement on 153 acres of land that’s been farmed for over 100 years ensures the land will continue to be farmed for generations to come. Through a complicated transaction that took years to coordinate, Forterra worked with Pierce County, the Matlock family and two local farming families to save Matlock Farm from development.

We wrote a three-part blog series to highlight the unique stories of the partners involved in this historic transaction.

A Tale of Two Brothers
Matlock Farm was owned and stewarded by the Matlock family for more than 60 years. But in 1996 when the Matlock brothers were ready to retire, they couldn’t find a buyer—their land was on the market for nearly 20 years.

From Punjab to Puyallup
After 13 countries, two states and several small businesses, the Sidhu family is finally able to secure a farming legacy for their children and grandchildren. Thanks to the conservation easement they won’t be pressured to convert the farm to non-farm use—critical to the longevity of the Sidhu’s farm.

Making History
Through its Conservation Futures program, Pierce County is able to retain an important piece of its agricultural history and character for generations. They also achieve a difficult balancing act: conserving farmland while protecting and restoring salmon habitat.

For more information on what easements are and how they work, read Conservation Easements 101. To support our working in building a sustainable region and help us save even more farms throughout the region, please become a Forterra member today.

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