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Offset Your Adventures

Here in Seattle, we love to hike. But hiking comes at a cost—to our environment.

A recent survey found that 41 percent of adults in the Seattle area have been hiking in the past year—the third highest rate among large metropolitan areas in the country. Now that summer is well underway, it’s the perfect time to explore the region’s mountains, rivers, and canyons. Boundless natural beauty awaits.

But hiking comes with a cost. Despite great transit programs like Trailhead Direct, the vast majority of hiking expeditions begin with a significant car ride. Cars emit carbon dioxide, which contributes to climate change and its related harmful effects on communities and ecosystems.

In the grand scheme of things, hikers driving to the mountains are responsible for a tiny portion of the carbon emissions causing climate change around the world. But the numbers show that the impact is still significant: A round-trip drive between Seattle and Mt. Si emits roughly 80 lbs. of greenhouse gas. For a longer trip—say, a weekend at Mt. Rainier National Park—you could emit about 200 lbs. The numbers add up when considered over the course of a year. Driving 100 miles every weekend will spew approximately 5,000 lbs, or 2.5 tons of carbon, into the atmosphere over the course of a year.

For eco-conscious people who love the planet, love hiking, and want their values to align with their actions, what is there to do?

Enter Evergreen Carbon Capture.


Forterra’s carbon mitigation program lets you take responsibility for your carbon impacts. Our model is simple: with financial contributions from participants, we plant trees. Since trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, they can effectively offset our emissions.

If you’re ready to chip in for the planet, check out our carbon calculator to find out your carbon footprint. You can calculate your total annual emissions, or a portion of them. Maybe you want to account just for the miles you drove to weekend hikes, or offset an airplane flight. The more responsibility you take, the better! Then, sign up to offset the emissions with a small donation. We use the funding to plant native trees at forest restoration sites across the region. We even host volunteer planting events to give participants a chance to plant the very trees that offset their emissions!

Carbon-neutral living is just a few clicks away. Sign up today to turn your mileage into trees. Our atmosphere, ecosystems, and communities will thank you.

Mitigate my hiking!

Evergreen Carbon Capture also partners with companies and organizations to provide carbon mitigation services. Visit evergreencarboncapture.org to learn more about getting your company involved.