Remembering Doug Walker

A dedicated leader and our friend

Doug Walker leading the way in a hike with Gene and Joe Duvernoy up Eldorado Peak

Leading the way was how Doug hiked the mountains and lived his life. It is tragic that it now is also the way it ended a few days ago. Our friend and board member Doug Walker died December 31st while hiking in the Cascade Mountains. He was caught by an avalanche on Granite Mountain, which lies a few miles west of Snoqualmie Pass.

Doug was a disarming guide and generous supporter of our work. His piercing yet good-natured questions and wise, crisp counsel made us far better for his engagement. He taught us the wisdom of conserving the land and also making sure it was accessible to all. Our Great Northern Corridor project is a direct expression of Doug’s nuanced vision for our mountain landscape.

Doug climbed around the world. When home, it seems that he was somewhere in the Cascades the majority of any week, regardless of the season. He also lugged about half this state’s population up a mountain at one time or another. Doug was almost relentless in his dedication to acquaint everyone with the purpose and renewal he found in the Cascades.

Spending time in our mountains with Doug was a wonderful Northwest privilege. He moved with a grace and comity, as much of the mountain as on the mountain. Even walking a hilly street in Seattle, I remember being struck by the athleticism of his step. We willingly submitted to his unending supply of numeric puzzles as the bemusing price of being with him on high ground. Wish I could have solved just one during our hikes.

Our friend was a very young 64. Please be thinking of his wife Maggie and daughter Kina.