Northwester Salamander egg mass Photo: Activatedk

Salamanders & Science at Hazel Wolf Wetlands

Citizen Scientists on Woodland Park Zoo's Amphibian Monitoring Team documented newts, salamanders and frogs at the Forterra-conserved wetlands in Sammamish.

Last Sunday the Woodland Park Zoo’s Amphibian Monitoring Team made its April visit to the Forterra-conserved Hazel Wolf Wetland.

The Amphibian Monitoring Team reported its most successful monitoring ever! They logged a whopping 18 photos into their scientific records. Confirmed sightings included Rough-skinned Newts, Northwestern Salamanders and their egg masses, as well as Northern Pacific Treefrogs and their egg masses. And, for the first time, they photographed a Long-toed Salamander.

Securing Hazel Wolf Wetland’s 116 acres of wetland and forest habitat, complete with trails and viewing platform, in Sammamish was one of Forterra’s early and beloved projects back in 1995. You can explore the beautiful, flat trails of the wetlands yourself today. Here are a couple of great write-ups with directions to this special spot in Seattle Met and also from Washington Trails Association.

Want to become a citizen scientist with the Woodland Park Zoo’s Amphibian Monitoring Team? Check them out here. They explore local ponds and wetlands, contributing to authentic scientific research, looking for and documenting sightings of eight different species of frogs, toads and salamanders.