I90 Wildlife Underpass at Keechelus Lake
Photo by Susan LaCroix

Sasquatch Caught On Camera

A recent wildlife camera photo shows the mythical ape-like creature using an I-90 wildlife bridge

Late Friday evening, scientists flagged a mysterious image on the wildlife camera at the Gold Creek underpass just east of Snoqualmie Pass, part of the I-90 Wildlife Bridges project to reconnect wildlife habitat in the Cascades. The figure is believed to be Sasquatch, according to biologists at Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Local lore has long included stories of a large, hairy, muscular, bipedal ape-like creature, also known as “Bigfoot,” who stalks the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Until now, his existence had yet to be confirmed.

Sasquatch on wildlife camera at I-90 wildlife underpass

Biologists from U.S. Fish and Wildlife say that the size and lumbering gait of the creature captured on camera does not match any of the many wildlife species who use the underpasses to safely cross the interstate to access critical habitat (including grizzly bear, grey wolf, bull trout and others).

Incredibly, Ellensburg man Randy Irwin reports having a conversation with Sasquatch, who stopped to offer help when Mr. Irwin’s truck broke down near the Gold Creek underpass.

Although he has been a mysterious figure in the Pacific Northwest for many years, Sasquatch apparently leads a life in many ways not unlike his fellow Northwesterners.

According to Mr. Irwin, Sasquatch was traveling from a silent meditation retreat in the woods outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, to attend his friend’s Passover Seder in Portland.

In recent years, Sasquatch has given up eating other animals and feels better than ever on a purely plant-based diet (save for a few cheat meals and holidays). He said that the new underpasses have been a total life-changer as the increased connectivity allows him to forage over a larger geographic area.

For more information about the I-90 Wildlife Coalition and the Wildlife Bridges project, click here. Forterra is proud to be an active partner in the I-90 Wildlife Bridges Coalition and, over many years, to have conserved a number of properties near the wildlife bridges to enhance wildlife habitat connectivity.

It has also been reported that Sunday, April 1st, is April Fool’s Day.