Over 1400 people attended the 2015 Forterra Awards Breakfast
Photo by Danny Ngan

Some days are just lucky like that

they meet our expectations

A May morning with a blue sky and your garden coming on strong just has to mean good things for the rest of the day.

For us, four things made May 19, 2015 just one of those days like that:


A 7:30 breakfast for 1,450 people from across our region featuring a program that redefines our work to help this place be the best it can be. Forterra told the crowd about its plans for our Next Wave of Work: Cities for All, Corridors of Sustainability and Voice of the Region. All that and we got everyone out the door and off to their work 20 minutes early.


Forterra Awards Breakfast brought over 1400 guests together May 19th.
Forterra Awards Breakfast brought over 1,400 guests together May 19th. Photo by Danny Ngan



The release of the second edition of our Ampersand magazine that takes on what sustainability means for this place. Not some politely obscure sense of sustainability, which relies on long, scientific words that no one really understands. But what sustainability means to 12 artists, writers and thinkers from around the region who don’t owe us a damn thing but their honest thinking.


Ampersand Magazine Release
Breakfast guest reading Ampersand Magazine. Photo by Danny Ngan



The unveiling of our new website, which of course is about Forterra, but also about the region and what each of us is called upon to do to make this place flourish for, say, the next century. A website that is a platform for engagement, debate and action by all of us from across our region about how to really, truly, seriously stand up for this place and make it better.


Homepage of Forterra's new website.
Homepage of Forterra’s new website.



Forty organizations at the Rally Point at our Breakfast launched a campaign for regional sustainability to stand up #forthisplace. Over 250 #forthisplace hashtags were used highlighting work by these organizations to make this place the best it can be. Forterra will plant a tree every time the hashtag is used, which means another 250 trees already are going into the ground. How great is that! What can you share to help us reach a goal of 10,000 trees?


Puget Soundkeeper at the Rally Point #forthisplace
Puget Soundkeeper at the Rally Point #forthisplace. Photo by Danny Ngan


As we do around here when something good happens, we rang our ship’s bell to celebrate all this at 3:30 p.m. Not all Forterrans were there; some had meetings and field visits and conference calls and negotiations and who knows what. But there were 23 of us in the room. We all agreed that we made it through a crazy busy day because of the warm friendship and strong shoulders of every one of us and the many, many volunteers who join us in this work because they believe in our region.

There was a raging in-office debate too: Some of us wished we could do it all over again right away, while others thought it best to rest a bit first. May have been an age difference between the two debating sides. I won’t tell you where I landed.

So, yes, some days just happen lucky like that – a match to the 70˚F and blue skies of a mid-May afternoon and this one I will remember for a very long time. What a great 660 minutes* to be a member of the Forterra team.

*Actually 675 minutes counting the end of day notice from the Sequoia Foundation of a generous grant to support our green infrastructure program!