Springtime Bluebird Boxes

Learn how to build a simple bird box to help our bluebird friends


  • 1 6 ft. cedar fencing board
  • about 20 small nails
  • 1 small hinge
  • ~ 6 inches thin, flexible wire
  • 2 lag screws plus washers
  • measuring tape
  • saw
  • hammer or nail gun
  • stapler with staples
  • pencil

Once you’ve gathered all the materials you’re ready to get started!

After you have obtained your cedar fencing plank carefully measure and mark the following sections.




Use a saw (we used a circular saw) to cut your board into the 7 pieces.

Drill 4 holes in floor board and 2 near the top of each side. This will help air circulate inside the birdhouse and allow water to drain if it gets inside.

On the front piece, create an entrance hole using a circular drill bit. The hole should be 1.5 inches in diameter and should be 2 inches from the top of front piece. Please note the 1.5 inch entrance hole is for bluebirds, other sizes of birds will need different sized entrance holes.

Now it’s time to assemble your pieces of wood into a future bird home.

First, nail the sides to the back board Side boards should be nailed 3 inches from the top, and 2 inches from the bottom on the back board.

Next, fit the floor board in between the side boards about 2 inches from the bottom of the side boards. Nail the floor board to each side board.

Finally, nail the front board to the side boards.

Check that there are no nails poking into your house that could potentially impale baby birds!

Attach roof with a centrally located hinge. The hinged roof will allow you to look inside and clean out your bird house each year.

Drill holes to add one lag screw on top and one on bottom. This will allow you to hang your box on a tree or post.

Staple wire to lid and one side. This will allow you to wire the box shut to keep out pesky critters such as raccoons.

Your bluebird box is now done and ready to hang! Boxes should be somewhat concealed and in partial shade. Also, be sure there is a clear flight path to the entrance hole so birds can access the nice home you have built for them. Boxes should be hung 5-10 feet above ground in a relatively open area.

We would love to see photos of you making and hanging your bird boxes. Be sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram @ForterraNW!

  • Maya Klem