Stuff your holiday stocking AND clean your carbon conscience at the same time

Has your carbon footprint been naughty or nice?

Give the gift of a clean carbon conscience with Forterra’s Evergreen Carbon Capture program.

While traveling has become synonymous with the holidays, most of us don’t realize that driving and flying have large impacts on our carbon footprint.  For example, one round trip flight from Seattle to New York contributes 2 tons of carbon dioxide–and that’s per person traveling! Compare that to the 29 tons of carbon emitted by the average American, and those flights really start to make up a large part of our carbon footprint.

This holiday season, Forterra wants to offer you an opportunity to cleanse the carbon conscience of your loved ones with a fun stocking stuffer idea.  For a limited time, our carbon mitigation gift certificates will come packaged with nuggets of coal. Get it? Remind folks about their carbon footprints but let them know that you’re helping them offset theirs. Plus, for every 5 tons of carbon mitigation purchased, Forterra will plant one tree in a park or open space in the Puget Sound region. You’re making our region healthier which sounds mighty festive to us!


Stocking stuffers can be purchased in the following amounts:

  • 1 ton of carbon: ($7.50)
  • 2 tons of carbon – the equivalent of one round-trip flight: ($15)
  • 5 tons of carbon–the equivalent of annual emissions from one car: ($37.50)
  • 29 tons of carbon– the equivalent of the annual carbon footprint per average American: ($217.50)

Use our online payment form or email us.  We’ll be sure your gift certificates and (nice) lumps of coal arrive in time for the holidays.

Evergreen Carbon Capture is a Forterra program that enables companies, organizations and individuals to mitigate their carbon footprint through local tree planting projects.  You can learn more about our Evergreen Carbon Capture program or calculate your full carbon footprint here

  • Lindsay Fromme

    Lindsay’s formative years were spent in New York City, suburban New York and rural Pennsylvania. She has since called Vermont, California and Washington home. Putting roots down in Seattle has allowed her to pursue her outdoor passions of skiing, hiking, mountain biking and river rafting. When she’s not on a mountain or a river, she can be found cooking new recipes with friends and exploring new places with her partner Luke and their dog Yogi.