Flowering Red Currant
Kim Frappier

The radiant red-flowering currant

Like many talented performing artists, the red-flowering currant is a tour de force, albeit a botanical one. An iconic harbinger of spring, red-flowering currant is equally at home in both gardens and forest edges throughout the Pacific Northwest. You probably have seen this beautiful shrub with its deep green leaves and clusters of tubular pink flowers or smelled its strong woodsy fragrance.

The red-flowering currant is the siren of the understory, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies to its blooms and to songbirds as flowers give way to whitish blue-black berries. Though the berries are non-edible for humans, they are a delicious treat for wildlife.

The radiant red-flowering currant is a favorite of ours here at the Green Cities Program in our efforts to restore health to our urban forested parklands—as much for its ecological performance as for its beauty.

Red flowering currant