Planting native trees is vital to our restoration work

Thousands of trees planted to mitigate carbon

Evergreen Carbon Capture

For the past three years, Forterra’s Evergreen Carbon Capture Program has worked with local businesses to offset the carbon emissions associated with their businesses by planting thousands of trees throughout the region. Here’s what they’ve been up to over the past year…


We felt it was time to spruce it up a bit (even though that’s not a tree we’ve planted in this program), and have given ourselves a new name and logo to better reflect what we do – plant trees in western Washington! Previously known as C3, we’ve renamed the program Evergreen Carbon Capture. As the only carbon mitigation program offering projects in the western Washington region, this new name more aptly reflects the regional focus of the program.

We’ve also sought out ways to improve the program. We enhanced our footprinting methods by partnering with the software company Scope 5 to make their thorough and straightforward carbon footprinting application available to participating companies. We also spent the summer of 2014 tracking tree survivorship and evaluated site conditions to ensure that projects are on track to meet our carbon sequestration goals.

Other hallmarks of the program have remained the same, such as offering participating companies the opportunity to bring employees to tree planting volunteer days.

The end result is a local solution for businesses to take their ecological responsibility further, demonstrating their commitment to customers and stakeholders in a visible way.

Congratulations to our participating companies

We’d like to thank our 2013-14 participating companies for demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and for accounting for their carbon impacts. To mitigate their annual carbon emissions, Forterra has distributed over 4,000 trees to 20 sites across the Puget Sound region. Over their lifetime, these trees collectively will sequester approximately 20,000 tons of carbon, which is the equivalent of the carbon emissions of 4,000 cars for one year.

Evergreen Carbon Capture, restoration, stewardship, planting, trees

It’s not too late to join us!

It’s not too late to participate in our 2014-15 planting season! If you know a company that is interested in demonstrating their commitment to sustainability, the Evergreen Carbon Capture program is a great opportunity to assess carbon emissions, take responsibility for carbon impacts, and contribute towards tree planting for carbon sequestration. Contact EvergreenCarbon@forterra.org to learn more today.

Thank you to our Field Partners.

Field Partners are the stewardship organizations and land owners that conduct forest and natural area restoration in our region. Tree planting and restoration was led by both restoration staff and volunteer forest stewards throughout Puget Sound. Forterra provides Field Partners with conifer trees for their restoration efforts.

Evergreen Carbon Capture, restoration, stewardship, trees, planting

If you are a Forest Steward or organization interested in receiving Evergreen Carbon trees for restoration, please fill out the request for trees application and submit to: EvergreenCarbon@forterra.org.