Vote ‘Yes’ on 1631 for a Cleaner, Healthier Washington

Learn why we need Initiative 1631 to secure the future of our communities and landscapes.

Pollution and climate change are threatening Washington’s health, communities, economy and landscapes, and without action the challenges we face will only get more grim. Initiative 1631, which is on the statewide ballot this November, could help us make crucial moves to fight back. It’s time to stand up for our land and our future, and secure a better Washington for our generation and generations to come.

What is Initiative 1631?

I-1631 reduces carbon pollution in Washington and mitigates its effects by placing a fee on large corporate polluters. The revenue generated by the fee will be invested in clean air, clean energy, clean water, healthy communities and healthy forests. This initiative will help us as a state meet our 2035 greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Why do we need I-1631?

Fossil fuel consumption and related pollution directly contribute to climate change and cause widespread harm to Washington’s health, economy and communities—not to mention the well-being of our earth and all its inhabitants present and future. Wildfires are even made worse by heat-trapping pollution. The more than one billion dollars I-1631 is projected to bring in will be split into three funds.

70% towards new clean energy infrastructure. This includes:

  • Investment in clean energy projects that create jobs and reduce carbon pollution including wind, solar and other renewable energy sources
  • Cleaner transportation options including improved public transit
  • Energy efficiency upgrades to help homes and businesses use less energy and save money on utilities
  • Carbon sequestration in natural resources such as forests, farms and marine landscapes
  • Opportunities, skill training and other support for fossil fuel workers impacted by the transition to clean energy

25% towards clean water and healthy forests. This includes:

  • Helping Washington forests become more resilient in the face of climate change, forest fires and insect infestations
  • Cleaning up pollution in lakes and rivers and protecting estuaries and other marine habitats
  • Increasing the supply of sustainable drinking water
  • Reducing flood and drought risks

5% towards investments in local communities. This includes:

  • Preparing communities for future problems caused by pollution and climate change
  • Making sure vulnerable communities are not disproportionately impacted by these issues

Who supports I-1631?

At Forterra, we’re dedicated to securing a sustainable future for the Northwest. We support I-1631 because this initiative supports our communities, our lands, and will have a positive impact in combating climate change.

Forterra’s board of directors officially endorses I-1631. In addition, over 250 organizations including environmental advocates, health professionals, tribal nations, scientists, communities of color, working families and low-income advocates have endorsed this initiative.

Who will benefit from I-1631?

I-1631 places a focus on equity and making sure this plan is for everyone—especially those who need it most. Low-income communities and communities of color disproportionately feel the impacts of pollution and climate change. I-1631 would help ensure all neighborhoods have access to clean air and water by including provisions that require investments in the communities that are hardest hit by pollution and poverty.

How can you support I-1631?

If you are a Washington resident, make sure you are registered to vote ahead of the November 6 elections and vote ‘Yes’ on Initiative 1631 when your ballot arrives in the mail. Visit the official “Yes on 1631” website for more information, and to donate or volunteer. Together we can secure a cleaner and healthier future for Washington for generations to come.