Come Explore Washington’s Lands

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It’s sunny. The birds are singing. After a long time spent indoors, you’re ready to venture out beyond your front door. So are we … safely, of course.

Forterra has a 30-year history of conserving special places in Washington—over 250,000 acres—from the farmlands and river canyons of Yakima to the estuaries and forests of the Puget Sound. Every land transaction is a triumph of collaboration, partnership, and sleeves-rolled-up work.

We’re ready to safely experience the outdoors and appreciate these conserved lands.

We invite you to join us to learn about the places we love from experts who can guide you along the way. The walks will be in-person, virtual, recorded, or all of the above—whatever form is appropriate to keep everyone safe.

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The walks

Welcome to Seattle: an introduction to our city’s parks

We enjoy the parks near our homes, but who tends to these spaces? Meet with your neighbors who steward our parks, and explore the native plants that call our region home.

  • Location: A Seattle park near you

Wild by nature: native plants in Seattle

Can I eat a salmonberry? How many kinds of ferns are there? And P.U., what is that smell near the creek, and does it have anything to do with all those yellow plants? Learn about native plants, trees, flowers, and berries that thrive in Seattle’s green spaces.

  • Location: Seattle urban parks

Learning from our elders: old-growth trees

Join a former park ranger to explore some of the oldest forests in Washington. Discover the life stages of a forest and the ages of some of our most precious trees.

  • Location: TBD

The I-90 Corridor: how people and animals travel

Explore the natural histories and human stories of corridors that traverse across Washington—from geologic formations to gigantic land bridges.

  • Location: TBD

Your guides

Ali Yeates Lakehart | Green Cities Program Manager

A self-described plant nerd, Ali holds a Master’s in Environmental Management from Western Colorado University and has served as a National Park Ranger, restoration manager, environmental educator, and Conservation Corps co-director. Ali originally came to Forterra as a student working with the Cedar River Stewardship Project, which helped define her personal passion of engaging urban residents in their own communities.

Charlie Vogelheim | Green Cities Project Manager

Charlie grew up among the sage covered hills of southern California. Privileged to have lived and worked throughout the west, from the Tetons to Tacoma, he eventually landed in Seattle. He is a firm believer in the power of connecting people to place. When Charlie is not coordinating efforts to care our region’s precious natural areas, he enjoys urban hiking, complicated cooking projects, and seeking out good swimming holes.

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