What matters to you about this region?

Forterra continues to ride the Next Wave this month, reflecting on our initial structured conversations and planning future discussions. As part of crowdsourcing for the Next Wave, a few months back we asked: What matters to you about this region?

We received over 1,000 ideas and looked for a way to make sense of the enormous amount of data. We chose to categorize each response and went with a word cloud to display them – the larger the phrase, the more frequently the idea was expressed.

region, threats, sustainableYour answers confirm that our work directly protects, grows, and supports a lot of what matters to you. In this past decade alone, Forterra:

  • protected more than 235,000 acres of working and wild lands in perpetuity
  • changed how 88 of our communities plan to grow
  • enrolled 1,788 acres of parks and natural areas into habitat restoration programs

We learned that Forterra’s current work directly protects, grows and supports much of what matters to you. But is there more we can do? How can we have an even greater impact? Have we appropriately accounted for the major challenges faced by this region?

We asked folks what the greatest threat to our region is. Here are the responses we’ve received:



Our intent is to deepen the dialogue with you regarding our region. We hope you not only respond but engage others in conversation and urge them to respond, too. Because after all, your voices keep us moving forward—challenging us to think creatively and inspiring us to reach higher to make the place we love the best it can be for future generations.