Perspectives — Gene's corner

The latest musings and reflections on sustaining this region from Forterra President Gene Duvernoy.

A live event unrehearsed and without edit

In order for our region to be sustainable, all of us need to be fully engaged. That was what happened at Ampersand Goes Totally Live – each contributor talked about sustainability from the prism of their own lives, talents and experiences.


A timeless story in a dash of paint

Forterra’s revamp of its regional sustainability program, has made it clear that our sustainability does not solely depend on natural systems, but equally depends on our human, social ones.


Rafting the Rogue

A journey along the Rogue River highlights the need for all people to be able to have opportunities to get outdoors.


You don’t pick your ancestors

Sustainability requires a clear understanding of the current world and the direction we need to head.


Reflections on a visit by Bill McKibben

Nothing matters until our voices on human-induced climate change are heard. We need advocates who make noise to activate people to take a stand and to stand up, and advocates who shift outcomes and demonstrate what change looks like.


Billy Frank Jr.

Billy Frank Jr. was a timeless story teller, a great communicator. Thank you Billy, for the hero you became. We hope your spirit flows with equanimity alongside your beloved Nisqually.