Hilltop Park and the PIE Crew Need You!

Hilltop Park in the City of Burien is known widely for its calming grassy field and quiet character. As those of you that have been might agree, Hilltop Park is a great space to sit and enjoy the breeze. On occasion, this park like any other, needs some good ole tender lover and care to keep things clean, healthy, and safe. That TLC can come in many forms such as cutting the grass and keeping walking paths clear, removal of noxious weeds growing in and around the park, or cleaning up litter. Now, all of these things can’t be done by one person alone, usually a crew of people will work together to accomplish the task. Here at Forterra, we love to get the communities we serve actively involved in the work we do. Joining volunteer events are a spectacular way for community members to learn more about their parks and give back to them, almost like saying thanks to the park for all it brings to the community. Keeping these parks in tip top condition is an important job that can be loads of fun to be a part of.

Speaking of taking park, this Saturday, June 5th the City of Burien will be working with the Partner in Employment Youth Crew, PIE for short, to host a small event to teach the neighbors of Hilltop Park all about their local green space. The PIE crew brings together youths from the area to learn about conservation and what it means to be part of the field, while working in local green spaces at the same time. The PIE crew will be teaching those in attendance about the importance of keeping a park healthy and clean, covering topics such as plant identification noxious weed removal. If you live in Burien and want to learn more about what it means to be a steward of your urban forests, then this is the event for you. The event will be hosted at the park, 2600 S 128th street, from 11am to 1pm. Be sure to bring water, snacks, gloves, wear a mask and have fun!