Land for Good: Spring Fundraising Campaign


Join us February 18 through May 20 to experience Land for Good, and to support nature and resilient communities for all. From our speaker series to self-guided walks, we will have something for everyone as you explore our work across the state.


For 30 years, Forterra has supported the communities of our region. We have worked with tribes, businesses, governments, communities, and nonprofits to innovate and act. This spring, we’re celebrating those who inspire this work and the places we love.

Why now?

Washington’s ecosystems and communities are being tested as never before. Communities are being uprooted and displaced. Open spaces, natural habitat and recreational land are threatened by irreversible conversion.

Forterra’s integrated projects, policy and programs create healthy ecosystems and resilient communities. Our work protects natural resources, supplants unsustainable development, helps underserved communities and responds to the climate crisis.

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Help us reach our goal

Land for Good: Spring Fundraising Campaign

With your donation, we will conserve land and water for future generations and critical habitat for wildlife, create sustainable attainable housing for underserved communities, and continuously work for social and economic equality throughout all of our projects.

Be a part of the Forterra mission to make change in the region we love for a smarter and better future.


See and experience your donation

  • Advance conservation and community projects to make Washington more equitable, healthy and sustainable.
  • Build attainable and affordable housing for communities in Washington.
  • Protect critical habitat from development. We have conserved 250k acres and growing!

Our greatest strength is being nimble and flexible. With your support of Forterra, we have the ability to respond to the greatest needs and priorities within our mission as they arise.

The critical role of philanthropy

  • Philanthropy is the catalyst that ignites innovation and forges new partnerships and ventures.
  • Philanthropy allows us to have the stability and capacity to explore unconventional and innovative models of funding to stretch every dollar donated.
  • Your gift, combined with Forterra’s experience and resources, allows us to triple the impact of every dollar donated. For example, we recently leveraged $4.4 million in donor funds to raise $12 million for Forterra projects.
Triple your impact with a gift

Land for Good: Spring Fundraising Campaign

Forterra drives land-based solutions in Washington to support a healthy environment and resilient communities for all.


  • Become a sponsor

    Please join us as a 2021 corporate sponsor for Forterra’s virtual adventure. The spring Land for Good campaign will take place February 18, 2021 through April 18, 2021, offering eight weeks of sponsorship exposure to more than 1,500 friends of Forterra. All event proceeds support healthy ecosystems and resilient communities in this region.

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  • Be an Ambassador for Good

    Join us now through May 20 for our spring fundraising campaign. Sign up to become an Ambassador for Good, attend our speaker series, get outside for Land for Good week.

    By becoming an Ambassador for Good you can support land for housing, food, parks, forests and people. We need your help to reach our goal of $500,000 by April 18.

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  • Share Land for Good

    Want to reach out to your friends to join our match you in your donation? We’ve put together some language and visuals to include in your emails and social media outreach. Find these resources for the Land for Good: Spring Fundraising Campaign.

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Land for Good: Spring Fundraising Campaign

Forterra is an unconventional land trust that works across Washington’s landscapes, from the ranches and farms of the Yakima basin, to the estuaries and forests of Washington’s coast, reaching more than 100 communities. Working cooperatively with people and nature, Forterra drives land stewardship, management, and planning; community-driven programs; farming and forestry approaches; community ownership opportunities; and innovative development solutions and policies.


Speaker series

Dates: April 18 to May 18

This year’s speaker series delves into many of Forterra’s pillars — from stewardship of urban greenspaces, to cross laminated timber’s role in affordable housing, how co-op ownership is a game-changer in attainable housing and the simplification of TDRs for conservation value.

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It Takes A City: Community Stewardship and Urban Greenspaces

A panel highlighting the social and environmental benefits of restoration work in city greenspaces.

Keeping Neighborhoods Rooted: Co-op Housing in Washington

A panel focused on cooperative ownership and how it can disrupt affordable housing and strengthen neighborhoods.

Solving the Housing Crisis with Local Materials: Modular Building & CLT

An intro to CLT and modular with a panel of experts and leaders in CLT and affordable housing.

How A Building Helps a Farm: TDR in Washington

Transfer of development rights demystified – through the lens of a developer, farmer, and leaders who have used this powerful tool to manage growth and preserve farmland. Learn how Washington has been a national leader with this innovative model.

Land for Good Week

Dates: May 17 – 20

Land for Good Week is our chance to show you our work, your world. Choose a day from Monday, May 17 through Thursday, May 20 and meet us at a designated pick up spot, get your field notebook, then use the map to explore some of our favorite places. Share your new experiences on social media, tagging #landforgood2021.

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Land for Good: Spring Fundraising Campaign

Land for Good means we envision humanity and nature thriving in coexistence. Our 30-year history shows us that supporters like you play a major part in protecting our wildlife habitats and using our land for the benefit of all.


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