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Let’s change the way we think about land.

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  • What we do

    We are partnering with communities, building wealth, and power through ownership. We are pioneering innovation in the fields of modular cross laminated timber (CLT), cooperative ownership, and community-driven development. We are using bridge financing, patient private capital, and innovations in construction to lower the cost of homeownership. We are developing scalable and replicable models that can be used in historically underserved communities.

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  • Our projects

    Our projects and partnerships are built on a set of shared values and a commitment to the community. Neighborhoods identify critical properties and work with us to acquire, develop, and ultimately own the land on which they stand and the homes in which they live.

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1500 trees planted by stellar volunteers and partners

Several dozen volunteers and field partners planted over 1,500 trees during the past month with our Evergreen Carbon Capture program. Over their 100-year lifetime, these trees will capture over 7,500 tons of carbon.


The Secret City Life of Raccoons

“Urban wildlife,” that’s what scientists call raccoons that are now thriving in our cities. Raccoons are fascinating scientists as they move into our urban areas in record numbers. They stay close to their many dens — usually only traveling in a three-block radius. Raccoon mothers are affectionate and devoted to their kits; females often den together in what is aptly called a nursery.


Protecting the Northwest one chocolate cake at a time

You never quite know what to expect from your first week of work, but rarely is caramel sauce tasting a key part of your on-the-job training. I started at Forterra a little over a month ago as the digital media & graphic design manager, and I secretly think I got hired because I mentioned my love for Hot Cakes’ motto, “Be Honest. Stay True.”


Harnessing change to ensure a sustainable region

Forterra and Seattle SityClub hosted over 100 people to brainstorm ideas for making our region sustainable. Read more about the animated discussions here.


Companies’ volunteers and Forterra helping clean up Duwamish

People power is helping to clean up one of Seattle’s most polluted rivers. On Friday, about a hundred volunteers who…


Crosscut: Green group turns attention to affordable housing

An organization best known for saving large natural areas in rural areas is taking on a new task: affordable housing…


South King County tries to ride the development wave. Will an immigrant community be crushed?

People priced out of Seattle have long turned to South King County. But things are changing. Amid Tukwila’s dreams of…


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Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and King County Executive Dow Constantine this morning rallied support for proposed development incentives billed as…