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Forterra’s Forest to Home vision begins with responsibly harvested local timber. Timber is milled and processed into cross-laminated timber, or CLT. This CLT is the structural basis for the modular homes that will be assembled on the 94-acres Darrington Wood Innovation Center campus before being transported, nearly complete, to nearby building sites in Washington state.

Forest to Home is Forterra’s answer for creating long-term affordable housing, wealth and social equity through home ownership. It brings attainable homes to overburdened communities, creates new jobs for rural timber towns, replaces traditional carbon-intensive building practices and materials and—under a limited equity co-op ownership financial structure—alleviates the initial financial burden for homebuyers and keeps them affordable over the long haul.

Forterra currently has projects under way in Tacoma, Tukwila and Hamilton. These projects will create hundreds of long-term affordable homes and help resist community displacement.
  • Wadajir, Tukwila – Commercial space for the Souq Int’l Marketplace and new cooperatively owned homes, including 2- and 3-bedroom homes for families.
  • Hilltop, Tacoma – Retail and community space, HUB for BIPOC businesses and attainable housing with a mix of rental units and units to own under a cooperative ownership model.
  • #4 Mine Site, Roslyn – Extensive community input is shaping the site plan for the #4 Mine Site through a partnership with the Roslyn Planning Advisory Team, the larger community and other community stakeholders.
  • Hamilton Center, Hamilton – The Hamilton Center master plan was approved in February 2021. It explores the construction of 200 homes.

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Forterra president and CEO Michelle Connor, along with a team of international experts, explain Forterra’s innovative Forest to Home vision.

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“We talk about forests that are managed in ways that maintain the full array of functional capabilities. That means forests that are managed in ways that maintain other values that protect the watersheds, that provide wildlife habitat, that sequester carbon as well as provide wood for building homes.”

-Jerry Franklin, Professor of Ecosystem Analysis, College of Forest Resources, University of Washington


Forest to Home delivers affordable housing from local craftsman and local timber. It’s triple-bottom line of social equity, responsible forest management and economic development made possible by Modular Cross Laminated Timber.


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Watch the first all-cross-laminated-timber modular prototype in the US be built!

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Watch the timelapse below of the build of the nation’s first “modular home” – made of cross-laminated timber, a sustainable new building material.


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