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535 acres of Port Gamble Bay protected with community benefit

Kitsap County has purchased 535 acres of forestland and 1.5 miles of shoreline on Port Gamble Bay for permanent conservation. It is the first acquisition of the multi-year Kitsap Forest & Bay Project, and has tremendous community benefit. The purchase

Kitsap Forest

A decade-long project that has now conserved 4,000 acres for recreation, restoration, cultural heritage and habitat, the Port Gamble Forest property includes 65 miles of trails where already more than 20,000 hikers, birders, mountain bikers, equestrians, cyclists and runners recreate

Port Gamble Forest moves one step closer to being protected forever

SEATTLE – Forterra has assisted Kitsap County’s purchase of 1,355 acres of the Port Gamble Forest Block from Pope Resources—moving one step closer to permanently protecting one of the largest lowland forests in the Hood Canal watershed. This acquisition was

PG Community Campaign FAQs

PORT GAMBLE FOREST TIMBER RIGHTS COMMUNITY CAMPAIGN FAQ We have a unique opportunity to enhance the Port Gamble Forest by conserving additional trees through the purchase of timber rights. Conserving trees through timber rights allows ownership of the trees, protecting

Momentum grows for Kitsap Forest effort

North Kitsap Heritage Park has nearly doubled in size thanks to a 366-acre purchase by Kitsap County. Following on the heels of the County’s February 2014 purchase of 535 acres and 1.5 miles of forested shoreline on Port Gamble Bay,

Agreement reached to grow Grovers Creek Preserve

Forterra signed a purchase and sale agreement with Pope Resources to protect 175 forested acres as a nature preserve and a link in the Sound to Olympics Trail on Jan. 22, 2015. The property will be part of the new

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