Community Involvement

We bring people together to discuss issues and find solutions, facilitating effective, inclusive discussions around complex issues affecting our social, environmental and economic well-being. Then we turn these community voices into action.

Tukwila Community Conversation on Thursday, March 6, 2014, at Showalter Middle School in Tukwila, WA.
  • Community convenings

    We host public meetings, lecture series, town halls, panels, dinners and other civic engagement events to heighten dialogue around critical regional issues.

  • Strategic visioning

    Forterra and partners facilitate discussions and develop practical plans for economic development in struggling communities. With the City of Aberdeen we engaged with a broad range of community members to create a vision for their downtown corridor.

  • Healthy communities

    Forterra and partners facilitate lead projects that support healthy communities, including discussions on active transportation and access to local food as well as leading walking and biking audits.  Forterra and partners build projects for healthy communities including a community gathering space in Neah Bay and Federal Way’s first neighborhood greenway.

  • Community Liasons

    We work with cities and local organizations to develop bridge-building programs that connect underrepresented communities to government decision-making. In Tukwila, we worked with local partners to develop the Community Connectors Program.

Forterra has a unique ability to bring the various stakeholders around the table to solve problems in communities. And we've been very, very fortunate and blessed to have their assistance and their support.
Joyce Trantina, Project Analyst, Mayor’s Office, Tukwila

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