Become the next Green City

The Green City Partnerships are always expanding to help all of the urban areas in the Puget Sound region effectively steward their natural open spaces.

Using a model and best management practices developed over the past 10 years, we work with cities to develop a partnership that meets each city’s individual needs and capacity.

Forterra Green City Partnership services include:

  • City-wide forested park and natural area assessment
  • Strategic and restoration planning
  • Volunteer program development and guidance
  • Education and training for volunteers
  • Restoration tracking systems
  • Green City outreach and community engagement
  • On the ground stewardship projects and event support

The process of forming a new Green City with Forterra involves an initial assessment of the current condition of a city’s forested parks and natural areas. With this information we work with the city to develop and implement a strategic plan with the forest assessment results, cost estimates, volunteer projections and strategic benchmarks to achieve restoration goals over a set timeline. Forterra support also includes developing a community-based volunteer stewardship program to support restoration efforts across the city. In addition, we facilitate connections across the Partnerships through the Green Cities Network, providing a venue for resource sharing, idea creation and consistency in regional restoration efforts.

What does a 20-year plan look like?

Read the Forest Management Plan published in 2013 for the Green Everett Partnership.

Contact us

For more information on the Green City Partnerships, please email us, or call 206.905.6913.