Chambers Creek Dam

In 2018, a project team comprised of Forterra, Puyallup Tribe of Indians, South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group, and Puyallup and Chambers Watersheds Salmon Recovery Lead Entity, initiated a feasibility analysis and conceptual design project for the removal of Chambers Creek Dam. Located in Pierce County, the dam was built to provide water to adjacent industrial uses that have since ceased operation.

As part of the project, the team hired an engineering firm – Anchor QEA – to collect field data to inform the dam removal conceptual design. The team also began collecting information on the potential acquisition of the dam from the private landowner.

Using field data – bathymetry, sediment characterization and transport analysis, and chemical analysis – Anchor QEA developed multiple design alternatives for discussion with affected governments, stakeholders, and local residents. Those alternatives ranged from a narrow focus on dam removal and restoration of the impoundment back into a saltwater estuary, to incorporating the removal of the dam into a broad restoration strategy involving the estuary throughout the tidally-influenced area.

As this work was underway, Forterra completed an investigation into ownership of the dam, what property is tied to it, and how it could be acquired to enable restoration of the site and the estuary as a whole. This – along with the conceptual design completed by Anchor QEA – comprises the Chambers Creek Dam Feasibility Analysis and Conceptual Design Report. A link to the report is provided below.

As part of this effort, the project team conducted extensive community outreach to solicit feedback on the report, answer questions, and inform next steps in the effort. This included engagement with local governments, Native American tribes, state and federal agencies, community groups, local businesses, and area residents. Additional outreach will be completed over the next several years as the project moves forward to ensure these affected governments, stakeholders, and the community at-large are kept apprised of progress as well as to further refine the project as it moves forward.

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Read the Chambers Creek Dam Feasibility Analysis and Conceptual Design Report HERE