DeLeo Wall

Site Appraisals and Timber Cruise Update

Jeff Wolcott
DeLeo Wall, Forterra

We are currently raising money to complete a site appraisal and timber cruise update of the DeLeo Wall property, as well as review appraisals of both the appraisal and the timber cruise. These reports, which will be completed by third-party appraisal professionals, are required by public grant agencies in order to use public grant funds towards the purchase of property for conservation.

Our current goal is $35,000. Please donate generously to help protect this beautiful forest within view of Cougar Mountain from logging and development. Checks can be made out to Forterra, with “DeLeo Wall, KG4077” in the subject line, and sent to Forterra, 901 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2200, Seattle, WA 98164.

For background information on the project and to connect with the community-based efforts to preserve DeLeo Wall as green space, please visit

Help us raise $35,000