Workplace Giving Programs

Inspire, team build and activate your employees.

Foster an employee culture of giving back while supporting healthy ecosystems and resilient communities in Washington. Read on to learn more about workplace giving programs and how your company can get involved.


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Workplace Giving

Forterra is a member of EarthShare Washington and a direct partner in several workplace giving programs. For many donors, workplace giving is their primary strategy for making philanthropic contributions. Benefits to workplace giving programs include:

  • Planned payroll deductions makes donating easy for your employees
  • Donations can be spread out evenly across paychecks, so donors can make a larger contribution and pay for it in more feasible increments
  • Employees can see a bigger impact in thanks to their collective donations
  • Matching donations are simplified for the company

Please contact us to include Forterra in your workplace giving program. We can help you:

  • Include us as a partner in your workplace giving program
  • Engage your employees by introducing them to Forterra, showing how our mission aligns with your company’s mission and values, and highlighting the impact they can make in our region by donating
  • Share digital or printed materials about Forterra’s mission, current projects, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events to your employees

Corporate Matching

Companies who match their employees’ philanthropic gifts double or even triple the impact of each donation, often inspiring employees to give at their greatest capacity. If you currently offer, or plan to begin a corporate matching program, please let us know so that we can:

  • Provide you with digital or printed content to help educate your employees about Forterra
  • Follow up promptly on corporate match notifications
  • Proactively alert you to campaigns

Volunteer Matching

Forterra offers numerous volunteer opportunities through our Green City Program. Volunteering is a wonderful way for your employees to give back to their community and help restore and steward our urban forests and green spaces.

One way companies can show their commitment to supporting volunteerism is by matching volunteer hours, sometimes known as “Dollars for Doers”. Typically, employers will set an hourly rate for volunteering; employees can log their volunteer hours and the company will issue a donation for the total amount.

Please contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities and how hours can be matched.



Kim Hickey
Associate Philanthropy Director, Institutional Engagement

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