First Creek

First Creek runs from a spring in Midland to the Puyallup River, right through Tacoma’s Eastside. It was the first creek that the Puyallup people would pass as they paddled their canoes up the river from Commencement Bay – hence the name. As the surrounding area developed, First Creek suffered. Today, long stretches of the creek hide in underground culverts and pipes, while invasive plants and garbage turn this potential community treasure into a quickly deteriorating gulch.

With your help, we can restore it.

Groups have already made efforts to improve First Creek. In 2013, the City of Tacoma released an action plan outlining steps for restoring the creek corridor. Around that time, the Green Tacoma Partnership undertook significant restoration projects along the creek, organizing volunteer work parties to remove invasive plants and install natives. Despite the tangible achievements of these efforts, much of the work has been compromised by years of relative neglect and the continued pressures of human activity.

Forterra now plans to reinvigorate these efforts. By building on the work already done, we can incrementally transform the First Creek corridor into a vibrant ecosystem that recharges the surrounding land and community.


  • Restore the creek through volunteer work parties
  • Educate people on the creek’s ecological and cultural value
  • Partner with community groups to identify needs and garner interest
  • Connect First Creek with the larger Three Rivers Corridor
First Creek restoration area
First Creek restoration area. Jeb Polstein