Green Cities Toolbox – restoration planning & implementation

These tools are part of a resource collection community-based stewardship of urban forested parklands and natural areas. Included here are tools and expertise to plan and implement restoration at the park or site-level, including step-by-step guides for site planning, best management practices for invasive plant removal, native plant installation, mulching and maintenance.

The Urban Forest and Natural Area Stewardship Planning Guide

Topical step-by-step guide on creating a comprehensive site- or park-scale restoration plan that outlines short- and long-term management goals and strategies. Includes additional resources on restoration BMPs.

Steward Annual Plan Workbook

The Steward Annual Plan Workbook is specifically geared toward Green City volunteer stewards to assist them in developing an annual work plan for specific restoration sites within a park or natural area.

Green City Steward Field Guides

Each Green City Partnership has developed a Steward Field Guide that outlines the best management practices used for restoration and stewardship activities in their city. Links to each city-specific field guide can be found on their webpage.

Using native plants for process-based restoration in the urban environment

Presentation courtesy of Justin Howell, Applied Ecology LLC

Sound Native Plants Fact Sheets

Fact sheets ranging from evaluating plant health before planting to weed control methods.

Calculating square footage and cubic yards at your site

Helpful in determining the area of a restoration site to aid in determining the number of plants and the yards of mulch needed

Instructional videos

The following videos demonstrate best practices used in community–based stewardship and restoration. You will need to register (simply enter your name and an email address) to view the videos.

The following videos have more useful information about urban forest and natural area restoration. If you have something you’d like to see here, let us know!

  • How to Compost On-site, by the Washington Conservation Corps crew
  • Tree Planting by Tree People in Santa Monica, CA (note: Green City Partnerships do not use the gopher cages demonstrated here, but this video still has some great information, especially regarding tool safety and tree installation)
photo by Cameron Karsten