Green Cities Toolbox – community engagement and volunteer management

These tools are part of a resource collection community-based stewardship of urban forested parklands and natural areas. Included here are best practices for engaging youth, families, and diverse communities in stewardship activities as well as tips for recruiting, managing and retaining volunteers and running successful community restoration events.

Green Cities Community Engagement Guide

A best practices guide to implementing engagement strategies that achieve social equity and inclusion; focuses on reaching out to those communities typically underserved in the field of conservation as well as to youth and families. Contact the Green Cities Program for additional information:

Volunteer Management for the 21st Century

Presentation courtesy of Rick Lynch, Lynch Associates

Instructional Video – Volunteer Management

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Tree Care Pamphlets

These pamphlets were created to share information on tree care with the community in multiple languages (Spanish, Hindi, Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and English). Puget Sound residents can help expand our urban forest by planting trees in their own yards and in planting strips as appropriate. Proper planting technique and follow-up care are essential to making sure trees thrive in our cities!

1. Right Tree, Right Place
2. Plant a Tree
3. Care for Your Tree

Eastside Prep student restoration voltuneers
photo by S. Rodman