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Green Redmond Day this year has been extended to a week long adventure of discovering your local forest, and learning about the elements that make our forests healthy. From October 26th – 31st, each day will include activities that you can do both outside or from the comfort of your own home. Finish at least one activity for each day and you can win a small prize from the Green Redmond Partnership!

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To submit your completed Green Redmond Days activities, and to qualify to receive a small prize from Green Redmond, simply email us your photos and/or writing prompts to show you finished one activity for each day.

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Since 2009, over 12,400 Green Redmond Partnership volunteers have dedicated over 33,600 hours to plant 12,680 trees and 24,790 shrubs and small plants throughout 15 different Redmond parks.

About the Green Redmond Partnership

The Green Redmond Partnership is building a sustainable network of healthy urban green spaces for the benefit and enjoyment of our entire city. Over 20 years, we will be bringing all 1,035 acres of Redmond’s forested parkland into active management. This ambitious goal is crucial for the health of our parks and our city, and it is only possible with the help of an engaged and empowered community. Read more about the Green Redmond Partnership.

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