Green Redmond Partnership

Young volunteers work on forest restoration with the Green Redmond Partnership.
Photo by Michael Kleven
This has been one of the most positive volunteer experiences I have ever had. . . I can’t believe how great the park looks since we started.
A Green Redmond Partnership Forest Steward

Ways to get involved

Volunteer at a restoration event

Get involved at work parties by removing aggressive invasive weeds, planting native trees and shrubs, mulching, watering, building trails and helping to ensure that our natural areas stay healthy. Our volunteers make it all happen—join in on an event!


Sign-up to be a Forest Steward

Adopt a park they love and help coordinate restoration projects there. Our Forest Stewards are community leaders and our most dedicated volunteers. No experience is necessary; training, materials and support from staff are provided. For general information about restoration, including instructional videos, helpful links, and more, head to the Green Cities Toolbox. Interested in becoming a Forest Steward? Contact us.

Become a corporate supporter

These are critical to the success of the Green Redmond Partnership. There are many ways to help, including funding a key piece of the Partnership, making in-kind donations and bringing employees out to volunteer at a work party. Learn more about corporate engagement opportunities with Green Redmond.

Support outreach efforts

Help get the word out. If you have contacts at a local media outlet, would be willing to write a letter to your local paper or contact your elected officials, or want to help create or distribute outreach materials, we need you!


Help with specific projects, usually in our office.

Make a donation

Your generous donations power the Partnership! Making a gift allows us to restore parks and green spaces, plant thousands of trees across Redmond’s forested parks, give schools an outdoor classroom, and more. Every contribution helps create a healthier, greener city for all.


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About the Green Redmond Partnership

The Green Redmond Partnership is building a sustainable network of healthy urban green spaces for the benefit and enjoyment of our entire city. Over 20 years, we will be bringing all 1,035 acres of Redmond’s forested parkland into active management. This ambitious goal is crucial for the health of our parks and our city, and it is only possible with the help of an engaged and empowered community. Read more in the Green Redmond 20-year Forest Management Plan.

Volunteers with the Green Redmond Partnership

As in cities all over the Puget Sound Region, Redmond’s forested parklands face challenges such as fragmentation of greenspaces, an invasive-dominated understory, a declining tree canopy and inadequate resources for natural-area management and restoration. As the health of the urban forest declines, so do the benefits they provide to us: reduced stormwater runoff, improved water and air quality, attractive communities and increased property values, greenhouse gas reduction, habitat for native wildlife and improved quality of life. Countless studies show the relationship between regular access to natural spaces and reduced stress, improved creativity, memory, and cognitive function. As our cities rapidly grow, our few natural refuges are all the more critical.

In 2007, the City of Redmond and Forterra formed a partnership to help make Redmond’s vision of a sustainable, healthy forest a reality. The Green Redmond Partnership works to protect the legacy of our urban forests and vibrant communities for our children and great-grandchildren. Together, we ensure that we have a city with invasive-free, sustainable, forested parklands. Redmond’s urban forest is supported by a community in which individuals, neighborhoods, nonprofits, businesses and city government all work together to protect and maintain their valuable public resources. Alongside our sister programs in the Green Cities Network, the Green Redmond Partnership is a model for the future management of additional acres of valuable urban natural areas in our city and in other cities like this one.

Why this is important

Urban natural areas are public assets that beautify and strengthen our neighborhoods. They provide us with clean air and water, stormwater retention and reduced flooding, habitat for wildlife, carbon sequestration, noise buffers, and natural spaces where urban residents can connect with nature and take a break from the built environment. The Green Cities Program thinks long and broad about urban environmental health and works with current best practices in resource management to implement long-term plans on the ground. By engaging the entire community, we build local capacity for stewardship and work towards a long-term vision of urban environmental health.

Contact us

Please contact us by email at or by phone at (206) 905-6943

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