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Forest Steward Resources

Welcome Forest Stewards!
If you have trouble with any of the links here or need something else, please contact Charlie.

General Information

Forest Steward Field Guide: Your first reference for all things about forest restoration, leading events, and working with volunteers

Green Cities Digital Toolbox: Extended resources for everything from native plant identification to community engagement.


Green Snoqualmie Event Resources

Event Talking Points Cheat Sheet: A quick reference and talking points for your event intro, safety talk, and wrap-up.

Work Party Schedule and Checklist: A reminder on work party logistics covering what to bring to the event, the schedule for the day, and a tool checklist to help keep track of tools.


Green Snoqualmie Forms and Sign-in Sheets

Event Request Form: This should be filled out and sent to Charlie at least 2 weeks prior to your event so that we can make sure we can get you the tools and materials you need.

Youth Volunteer Waiver: Any person who is under the age of 18 and will not be accompanied by a parent or guardian should sign one of these. Bring some extra to your event for parents/guardians to sign when they drop off the volunteer.

Group Sign-in Sheet: Every volunteer must sign in on this sheet.

Work Log: Please fill out this form after each event.


After your event, don’t forget to send completed Youth Waivers, Sign-in Sheets, and Work Logs to Charlie either by email or by post: Charlie Vogelheim | 901 5th Ave, Suite 2200, Seattle, WA 98164 |

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