Green Tacoma Partnership

Why is this important?

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Restore green space

Green space provides essential ecological services and social benefits to our community. Through a dedicated community effort, the Green Tacoma Partnership is working to restore and maintain 1,881 acres of green space.

Why we need healthy green spaces

  • Healthy green spaces lead to healthy communities
  • Provides connections to nature within city limits
  • Makes Tacoma more attractive


The Threat

Aggressive weeds like English ivy and Himalayan blackberry threaten our green spaces. These plants blanket the understory, climb into trees and prevent new trees and shrubs from growing. If we do not take immediate action, Tacoma will lose more than half of our forest canopy within the next 20 years.

The Solution

We remove aggressive weeds, plant native trees and shrubs and monitor green spaces over time. The Green Tacoma Partnership hosts multiple volunteer events each month making it easy for you to get involved.

The Result

Protection of our precious green spaces throughout the community for generations to come.

Take action now

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volunteer with forterra
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Contact Us

Please contact us by email or by phone at (253) 383-7245.