Green Tukwila Partnership

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What’s happening now

The Partnership began between the City of Tukwila, non-profits like Forterra, EarthCorps, and the SCA, and the Tukwila community, to care for public parks and natural open space across the city. We will work to restore and maintain 138 acres in Tukwila over the next 20 years—and we need your help! By planting trees and other plants, weeding, and joining your neighbors outside, you can make sure we have healthy, safe, and beautiful parks to enjoy into the future.

Find your next opportunity to volunteer with the Green Tukwila Partnership and get outside along the Duwamish River to plant trees and shrubs, remove invasive weeds, and keep the river healthy for fish, other animals and plants, and for people! A healthy river means a healthy community. Please join us for these fun, family-friendly events! No experience necessary. Gloves, tools, and materials provided.

Want to do more?

Is there a Tukwila Park or natural area in the city that you think could use a little love? We are gathering a team of volunteers to adopt different parks and help lead the effort to keep them healthy and green. You can learn about trees and environmental restoration, bring your neighbors together around fun projects, and be a local leader.  Check out the take action options below to find more ways that you can get involved with the Green Tukwila Partnership!

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Healthy parks, healthy people

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Where will we work?

Places shown in green on the map have some areas of forest, wetland, shoreline, or meadow in need of help. Over the next 20 years, the Green Tukwila Partnership will work to restore and care for these places so that they can thrive.

Tukwila 20 Year Plan Project

Why do this?

Healthy parks and natural open spaces are a gift to our city and everyone in it. They provide places where people can connect with nature close to home, and all of the health benefits that brings. They also keep our air and waterways clean, buffer noise, provide habitat for local wildlife, absorb carbon to fight against climate change. But these valuable places can’t take care of themselves in an urban environment. They need our help to make sure we have a healthy and green Tukwila, today, tomorrow and into the future.



Green Tukwila planting trees