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The New Triple Bottom Line Affordable Housing

What is Forterra’s forest-to-home model?

Truly sustainable and equitable housing must meet a higher standard that accounts for both consumer and environmental costs. In our forest-to-home model, the supply chain begins with local, sustainably harvested trees and ends with beautiful, affordable housing for people who make less than the area median income.

How does it work?

The forest-to-home strategy, built on a foundation of cross laminated timber (CLT), has the potential to yield triple-bottom-line results with environmental, economic and social benefits.

Economic and social benefits

The $55 million 93.6-acre Darrington Wood Innovation Center will directly employ 150 people in family-wage jobs and reduce unemployment in Darrington. Forterra currently has forest-to-home projects under way in Tacoma and Hamilton. When finished, these projects alone will create hundreds of long-term affordable homes and help resist community displacement for its residents.

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Darrington Wood Innovation Center
Cross Laminated Timber



Forterra believes that the health of our smaller communities is vital to the sustainability of the Pacific Northwest. In 2019, Forterra launched SCF II to leverage investment in opportunity zones that will anchor communities and revitalize economies. Forterra’s forest-to-home model, enshrined in the Strong Communities Fund II, is an opportunity zone fund which invests in federally designated economically distressed areas. Visit Strong Communities Fund.


Forterra is a Washington-based nonprofit that enhances, supports, and stewards the region’s most precious resources—its communities and its ecosystems. Forterra conserves land, develops innovative policies, and supports sustainable rural and urban development. In its 30-year history, Forterra has helped conserve more than 250,000 acres, with its work stretching from the farmlands and river canyons of Yakima to the estuaries and forests of Washington’s coastline. Visit Forterra.


Kevin Max
Senior Director, Communications