Legacy Giving at Forterra

On behalf of the future generations who will enjoy the amazing places and spaces of our region, thank you for considering a legacy gift to Forterra. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to start a conversation about this process.

Lauren Sinnott, Major Gifts Manager
206.905.6922 | lsinnott@forterra.org
901 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2200, Seattle, WA 98164

Naming Forterra in Your Will

You can designate Forterra as a beneficiary of your estate by:

  • specifying a percentage of your estate for Forterra
  • naming a specific dollar amount to Forterra
  • giving the residue of your estate remaining after estate closing costs and final distributions to family to Forterra

Gifts of Property

Consider gifting vacation homes, commercial property, or raw land directly to Forterra.  Forterra’s expert real estate team can often secure maximum value for your property and provide you with a significant tax deduction, in addition to freeing you of the burden of selling the property on your own.

Another option is providing what’s called a life estate to Forterra, in which you live in your home throughout your lifetime. After your death, the house and property are gifted to Forterra.


Retirement Plans – IRA Distributions

One easy way to support Forterra’s mission is to directly assign your annual IRA distribution to Forterra. If you will be over age 70½ in 2018 and would like to designate your 2018 IRA distribution to Forterra, you can contact your financial institution and ask to have your annual distribution (called the RMD in financial lingo) made payable directly to Forterra. Then, when filing your tax return, designate it as a qualified charitable distribution. You’ll have satisfied your distribution requirement, and you won’t have to pay income taxes on that money.


Retirement Plans and Life Insurance – Listing Forterra as a Beneficiary

Another option is listing Forterra as the beneficiary of all or part of the balance of your retirement plan, IRA, or life insurance policy. This action may dramatically reduce the amount of estate and income taxes to be paid by your estate.

Learn More about your legacy giving options


For your legal documents, Forterra’s full legal name is “Forterra NW” and our IRS Tax ID number is 94-3112461.  Forterra has also been known in the past as the King County Land Conservancy and the Cascade Land Conservancy. 

Please note: the information provided here is intended to be general and educational in nature and shouldn’t be construed as a substitute for legal or tax advice. In addition to talking with Forterra, please consult an independent legal and/or tax adviser for specific advice about your individual situation.

Looking up to the tree canopy on Mailbox Peak
Photo by Carrie Hawthorne