Neighborhood Steward Program

A new pilot program has started between King Conservation District, Forterra, and the City of Redmond to train community members to care for Redmond's natural areas.

Natural areas provide critical wildlife habitat, protect steep slopes – along with mitigate the effects of storm-water. Many of Redmond’s protected natural areas require greater care to enhance the diversity, aesthetic beauty and long-term health of the tree canopy.

King Conservation District (KCD) is partnering with the City of Redmond and Forterra in the development of a neighborhood stewardship program focused on maintaining natural areas adjacent to residential areas. This program will train neighborhood stewards in restoration practices and volunteer management, and support on-the-ground restoration events.

Where will we work?

This pilot Neighborhood Steward Program will focus on working in natural areas located within the Redmond neighborhood of East Valley Heights (map pictured above). We will be training neighbors of these natural areas to help steward the land by removing invasive plants and planting native trees and shrubs in order to restore the health of these forests! It is critical to restore these natural areas due to the many benefits that they provide, including wildlife habitat, stormwater benefits, cleaner air, and much more.

Everyone is welcome to get involved by training to become a Neighborhood Steward, by attending our volunteer work parties, or by helping to share information about this new program.

Take Action!

Volunteer at an upcoming restoration work party! All ages and abilities are welcome, and no experience is necessary to volunteer with the Neighborhood Stewards! Check out the links below for more details:

Sunday, July 22nd, 10am to 1pm – East Valley Heights Natural Area

Do you live in or near East Valley Heights neighborhood? Do you want to get involved, or know of someone who might be interested in taking part? Are you looking for more information about this program?

Then please reach out to Nicole Marcotte at / 206-905-6924 to learn more about how you can get involved!