The Lake Serene Trail

Thanks to your support, we were able to conserve the trees along the trail from logging.

Lake Serene
Photo by Brian Kilpatrick

A section of the beloved trail was slated to be logged

The landowner gave us the opportunity to preserve the forested trail corridor and, because of your support, we preserved the trees along the beloved trail to ensure permanent public access to its breathtaking views, waterfalls and reflective alpine lake.

Now, more than 45,000 hikers of all ages and experience levels can continue to enjoy its breathtaking views each year.

The Lake Serene Trail is just the start of our work together

This trail is part of the larger Skykomish to Snohomish Corridor that runs from the Skykomish Valley to the Salish Sea. Help us secure a series of critical conservation deals in this corridor that reduce sprawl by focusing growth in our cities, that protect farmland and that link economic revitalization to outdoor recreation. Learn more about our work in the Skykomish to Snohomish Corridor.

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Details of the Deal

An early section of the Lake Serene Trail is privately owned (see map below). The entire property was scheduled to be logged later this year, impacting the integrity of one of the region’s most popular trails. Forterra stepped in to lead the effort to save this trail and land.

Forterra raised the funds to purchase the entire 190-acre property. Its acquisition ensures public access to one of the region’s most visited hiking trails forever. Forterra worked with the landowner to preserve and limit the timber harvest to less than half of the property, protecting the creek that carries water from Bridal Veil Falls through the property, and preventing logging operations from crossing the trail. This minimizes the impact to users and saves the land and trail in perpetuity.