We show respect for people, places — And each other

Conservation is a team effort. We can’t do our work without partners and the expertise of our team members.

We seek inclusive solutions that positively impact communities

Projects that help only some of us aren’t good enough. Our work needs to benefit everyone, especially those who have historically been excluded.

We innovate and take risks to attain better outcomes, Fast

The landscape is changing quickly. Wildfires and smoke are getting worse and Washington is feeling the effects of climate change. It’s up to us to adapt and keep moving forward.

we are results oriented

We take a great deal of pride in the quality and outcomes of our work. We carefully evaluate all partnerships and projects and review each outcome in detail, so we can apply the lessons we learn to our future work.

we are honest & keep our promises

Our team comes from all walks of life, and each person has a unique perspective. We know it’s important to hear each and every person out, take that feedback and follow through. It’s how we get things done. 

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