With each project we aim to provide sustainable economic opportunities for our rural towns while improving the health of our landscapes, we seek and promote a range of initiatives, including innovative green products, historic status reinvestment and enhancing the protection and restoration of unique natural resources. With each project, we seek to make an impact.

Cowiche Creek, Elk, Forterra

Cowiche Creek

In collaboration with partners, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the 4,500 acres of Cowiche Creek is now permanently protected and part of the larger Oak Creek Wildlife Area ...
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Hairpin Ranch Conservation Forterra

Hairpin Ranch

Conserved 274 acres of working land north of Ellensburg through a conservation easement on Hairpin Ranch. The easement allows the property to remain working land – no matter the owner ...
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ModPro is the first all cross-laminated timber (CLT) modular prototype in the United States. ModPro creates a new template to address keeping local communities stable and deploying a sustainable new building material ...
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Big Beef Creek, Forterra

Big Beef Creek

Forterra and Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group (HCSEG) announced in January 2022, the buy, hold and transfer of 50 acres of critical salmon habitat along Big Beef Creek, a tributary to Hood Canal. Conserves in perpetuity the final piece to a 302-acre restoration project along Hood Canal ...
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Hilltop, Tacoma, Forterra

Hilltop, Tacoma

The Community is mobilizing its will to reclaim the block at 1105 MLK with Black culture and businesses at the forefront. In partnership, Fab-5 and Forterra are working together with Hilltop families for community-inspired development and community-driven design ...
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Kittitas County Teanaway


The Teanaway Community Forest, Washington’s first Community Forest, is a model designed to empower communities to partner with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to purchase forests that support local economies and public recreation ...
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