Our programs prioritize climate and landscape impact – from innovative funding models to volunteer opportunities – each program is designed to create maximum social and environmental equity and benefits. While each program and project makes a difference – the collective positive impact of our work brings us one step closer to achieving our vision.
Chelahis River Basin Aerial

Chehalis Basin Strategy

Restoring Critical Habitat
Forterra is collaborating with partners to support restoration along the Chehalis River Basin, the second largest intact watershed in Washington, to improve habitat of the 115-mile salmon-filled river.
Hilltop Community Project Forterra

Community Real Estate

Maximizing Social and Environmental Equity
The health of the environment and the health of people is grounded in how land is developed, owned and managed. Forterra not only conserves natural spaces and working lands, we also invest in places where people live – because just like nature, our health depends on it.
Community Restoration Grants  

Community Restoration Grants  

Restoring Land in Urban and Suburban Areas
A new community restoration grant program for urban and suburban cities in Washington State that is supported by the One Square Fund.
fall colors at Mt Stuart


Protecting Land for Good
Forterra provides landowners opportunities to conserve their land. Employing creative and innovative tools, we work to consider the many ways land supports the wellbeing of all.
Evergreen Restoration Program

Evergreen Restoration Program

Tackling a Global Problem, Locally
Our solution is simple—we help you calculate your annual carbon footprint and plant native evergreen trees on Forterra-stewarded lands to mitigate your carbon impact.
A group of people walking a trail. A woman leads the group pushing as wheelbarrow.

Green City Partnerships

Stewarding Urban Parks and Forests
The Green City Partnership advances healthy natural open space in urban areas and empowers people to be agents of change in their own communities.
Photograph of a sun-lit mountain valley covered in wildflowers

Land Stewardship

Sustaining Ecological Integrity and Community Benefit
Forterra stewards properties to sustain their ecological value. Caring for the land requires management and preservation of trail networks, historic sites, and other cultural and community assets.
Transfer of Development Rights

Transfer of Development Rights

Redirecting Development to Protect Land
Through individual, market-based transactions, development rights are transferred from our region’s privately owned farmland, forestland and natural areas to areas that can accommodate additional growth and density.
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