Community Restoration Grant Awarded to Trout Unlimited! 

Forterra is proud to announce it is awarding a Community Restoration Grant to Trout Unlimited in Issaquah to fund the ongoing rejuvenation of Tibbetts Creek, which has faced a formidable history of habitat degradation caused by coal mining pollution and urban development.   

Trout Unlimited is partnering with the City of Issaquah’s Green Issaquah team to target the southwest section of Anthology greenspace, which is dominated by invasive blackberries. With the help of volunteers, community organizations, and youth, they will clear blackberries from about 1 acre of riparian area and begin planting native trees and shrubs during several volunteer work parties from January to November 2024. This project will build on the success of a partnership of organizations who have been working to restore habitat and function in Tibbets Creek over the last 20 years. 

These efforts will not only enhance the habitat but also set the stage for more intricate restoration, including stream rerouting to improve habitat complexity, floodplain connectivity, and spawning areas. The project will build on previous successes, bringing Trout Unlimted closer to creating a sanctuary for native species while enriching Issaquah’s green spaces.  

Congratulations Trout Unlimited! We are so grateful for the work you do. 

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